Social Media

There are so many different ways of staying in touch on the Internet, but we've tried to provide as many options as we can for those of you who want to stay up to date with Stalbridge Players news.

There are social media links throughout the site, but i've linked some of the common ones below for your convenience. Please feel free to link to whichever is best for you!

Please contact me if there are any problems with these or if there is another service you'd like added.


Stalbridge Players Facebook Page
To find the Stalbridge Players group on Facebook, just click on this link below:

Stalbridge Players Facebook

Stalbridge Players Twitter Feed
This link will take you to the official @stalbplayers Twitter account:

@stalbplayers Twitter Feed

Stalbridge Players Google+ Community
Did you know there is a Stalbridge Players Google+ Community? It's still very new but here it is:

Stalbridge Players Google+